20 awesome rejuvenation prompts from 2012

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Most days, I share a few words in the form of rejuvenation prompts/tips on my blog and over at Rejuvenation Lounge’s facebook page.

They are not careless, random words written to impress. They are words I feel deep within me. Words that resonate.

The daily rejuvenation prompts come to me (mostly) on my daily walk or during meditation.

They are not my words.

They come from a higher place. I pause, I listen and I am grateful.

The rejuvenation prompts can be hugely popular, or not.  It doesn’t matter. What matters is they connect to at least one person and make a difference.

So, as the year comes to a close, I’d like to share with you the most loved and popular prompts/tips for 2012. They are in no particular order.

Please read them gently. Notice how your body responds.

I’m trusting there will be one (or more) that jumps out at you today.  Write it down. Absorb it. Feel into it. Put it on your bathroom mirror or under your pillow. Let the words take you on a journey.

Enjoy, my friends, and if you have the time I’d really love to know what your favourite rejuvenation prompts are.


20 awesome rejuvenation prompts from 2012:



Many of us draw on excessive masculine energy to move through our day. Over time, an internal imbalance occurs between the feminine (left side of the body) and masculine (right side of the body).

Our feminine energy becomes weak and depleted. We lose our ability to nourish ourselves and access our feminine intuition. A disconnection has begun.

Know this: “Full Moon Is Precise Medicine” to restore and replenish your feminine essence.

Walk outside at night, inhaling the cooling, calming and feminine energy of the full moon:  Inhale through the left side of your body and then, on your next breath, inhale through the right side of your body. Alternating.

Finish each inhale in your belly. The resting place for your feminine essence. Feel your belly swell and fill.



Feeling stressed?

Notice your breath.

There’s nothing else you need to do. Breath awareness subtly moves energy off the situation and back into your deserving body.



Let it all go.

Stop squinting, lose the frown, drop and relax your shoulders, release tension in your jaw, un-clench the palms of your hands and then inhale deeply.

Wow!  Now doesn’t that feel better?



A mantra said in your head stays in your head.

However, a mantra gracefully inhaled into your lungs and received peacefully in your belly, is a mantra energetically infused into your being.

You and the mantra have become one. Bless!



You simply know when there’s an energy imbalance in any relationship.

You may feel or sense that you are living a restricted version of yourself as you deny your own unique, personal truth – not to mention the consequences of giving away your personal power.

Definition of codependency by Joan Boreysenko: “Making yourself smaller than you are in order to fit into some one else’s dysfunctional life. Staying in any system where you are not free to be your authentic self.”



Yes! Smile into your organs!

Taoists believe that holding a smile on your face and directing its energy inwards to your organs and inner body, is the key to good health and longevity.

Smile into your stomach and feel the smile soak deep into your belly, dissolving old and new anxiety with each delicate inhale and exhale. Your stomach gracefully opens up with a soft, new, calm spaciousness.



Forcing or controlling situations simply blocks support from the universe.

Drop your shoulders, unclench your muscles, let go with a forceful exhale and trust in the divine flow of your life.

Allow the unknown to unfold before you.



Live life lightly.

Continue to release stuff, people and situations that weigh heavy on your shoulders.



 Uncomplicate everything.

You know your soul is craving simplicity.



Believe in divine timing.

Then you can relax.



Step back, push less, accept what is and go with the flow more.

Trust in the unique flow of your life.



An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances.  The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.  May you be open to each thread that comes into your life and weave them into a beautiful journey.

The red string of fate” – Japanese and Chinese folklore.



Explore the idea that finding out who you are is more important than fitting in.

Don’t live a restricted version of yourself.



Today might be the day you choose a different response to a difficult situation.

The results may surprise you.



Stop doing things you know deep down inside aren’t good for you.

If the place, thought, situation, habit or person drains your energy then do something about it.



Worry is often held in the body by clenching.

Release the side effects of worry by unclenching your buttocks, stomach, jaw and shoulders.

Feel the release.



Invite more sacred energy into your home. It helps you connect to something greater than yourself.

You’ll soon notice worries and fears are less overwhelming as you get a sense of being supported by universal energies.

Light a candle, burn essentials oils, listen to sacred music, pray, meditate, burn a stick of temple incense and feel a softer, gentler energy fill your home.



Letting go is not the loss of anything.

It creates the space so you can discover who you really are.



Honestly, if you don’t want it then stop thinking about it.



Notice if you are pushing or forcing a situation.

Perhaps you are unintentionally blocking support from the universe.

Peace, love and chocolate,


This article originally appeared on Carole’s lovely blog thehealthylivinglounge.com and is published on Midlifexpress with her gracious permission.

Carole Fogarty

Carole Fogarty runs retreats and you can read her blog at: http://thehealthyliviinglounge.com

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