7 Reasons why Travelling is good for your health

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Traveling is one of the best things that you can do for your health. 

Sure, there are some stressful and worrying moments. But overall, when you get out on the road and visit new countries you gain so much in unexpected ways.

Here are seven reasons why traveling is good for your mental and physical health.

Get Moving

The biggest benefit of traveling is movement. You will be on the go constantly, even on a cruise trip. There are sights to see and things to do!

Walking around will help you reduce your stress levels too because your body releases ‘happy hormones’, called Oxytocin. These feel good chemicals are essential for health and wellbeing.

Improve brain health

The brain is a muscle. While it doesn’t necessarily work in the same way as other muscles in the body, it can be developed and improved over time. Unfortunately, it can also deteriorate quickly.

Travel can help improve brain health because it is actively engaged dealing with new and strange environments. The challenges of navigating new cities and unfamiliar people helps strengthen synapse connections which contribute to overall brain health. 

Get away from daily stress

Getting away from the stresses of everyday life is important to protect your overall health. Stress is a silent killer. It raises your blood pressure, and your whole mental health will be affected. Stress hormones cloud the judgment and affect the release of Oxytocin.

When you travel, you are boosting the release of happy hormones to replace stress hormones.

Creativity boost

Did you know that more creative people are healthier? Okay, so this isn’t true in every single case, but you can improve health by focusing on a more creative approach. 

This is especially true for writers. They observe how people interact, learn new things, and see new sights. 

Improve your mood through social connections

Isolation can be a killer. While you think that you may like the quiet, it can be emotionally draining. We crave the social interaction of others.

Traveling forces you into situations where you need to talk to others. This is something that happens even if you decide to travel alone. You spend time in youth hostels and on cruises, where some of the only entertainment is with the strangers that you meet.

You never know what those social connections could lead to.

midlife woman on beach

Lose Weight

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight then traveling can burn up calories. Sure, you might eat out more, and you don’t always get to control the number of calories you eat, but you will find it much easier to create a calorie deficit.

Let’s focus on the activity element that was our first main benefit of traveling. When you do more activity, you instantly burn more calories. You make it easier to get rid of the excess calories that you eat on a daily basis. This doesn’t matter if you take a cruise holiday or you backpack around the Amazon! You can take one of the calmest of vacations, and you will still find it easier to lose weight.

Try out alternative lifestyles and health remedies

When you visit new cultures, you get to experience how other people live. This isn’t just about developing new social thoughts or beliefs, but also about witnessing health remedies and different types of lifestyles.

This is an opportunity to try herbal remedies used by various cultures.

So if you want to experience a change in lifestyle with  potential health benefits then save up and plan your next holiday.

Note: This article was first published on positive health

Author: Karen Reed

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