Midlife Women, Grab a Chair and Blossom

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I am sitting in the front garden watching the world go by. Yes. On view to everyone, as a shocked relative observed, and it is great.

Ensconced on an outdoor chair, on the front lawn of the block of flats where I live (which is about three feet above street level) and sheltering under a weeping something or other, I’m lapping up the warmth of smiles and surprised comments from passers by.

What surprises me is their surprise when they spy me sipping a coffee only five or six feet away. They look so cheered and are quick with a friendly remark and a warm smile.

All missed when we lock ourselves inside. This big, bad world, is not always so bad and one way to dispel such an image is to commune with nature and the stranger (who is really no stranger than anyone else) by grabbing a chair and planting yourself in the garden, rather than  a great, big hedge to shut everything and everyone out.

The culture of fear, promoted by so many ‘experts’, is growing. Instead of looking at the many healthy people of all ages, the focus is on what possible disease will grab you in the next year or two if not the next five or ten minutes. Advertisements depicting people falling over in the street with a heart attack do nothing to inspire confidence in living life as it comes.

So, I say, midlife women, grab a chair, plant yourself in the garden and blossom.

ilma bell

Ilma is a midlife woman who enjoys sitting in her garden.

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