We comprise a diverse group of writers whose interests include cheesecakes, quantum physics, alternative health and well-being, technology, education and entertainment.

Our writers

sue bellSue Bell is a digital media educator. She also writes, blogs, cycles and grows organic vegetables. Sue is the author of Beat Street: Articles from street journalism, and Backpacked: A mostly true story and When Dreamworks came to Stanley and co-author of Cyberculture: Protect yourself online available on Amazon.
midlifex [at] midlifexpress [dot] com; Twitter; Facebook


claire bellClaire Bell is a yoga teacher and writer. You can find Claire’s book Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic and co-author of Cyberculture: Protect yourself online on Amazon.
claire [at] fiftyshapesofyoga [dot] com



merridy pughMerridy Pugh is a writer and editor who lives in Hobart. She enjoys the tropics and travel.
Contact: merridypugh.com

robert gosstrayRobert Gosstray is a retired pharmacist with a passion for cricket and bicycles. He is the author of the controversial The Pharmacists Dirty Secrets: Drugs, lies and money available on Amazon.
midlifex [at] midlifexpress [dot] com


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