When Apple meets Vulcan

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Vulcan hand salute
Vulcan hand salute

For those of you who use LinkedIn and subscribe to groups, you might have the occasional job advertisement landing in your email. Generally, the advertisements target your skills and expertise but some inevitably go astray.

This one’s for a Content Production Manager at Apple and, although it’s in  English, much of the language is barely comprehensible (and I work in digital media!) In fact, the ad is so technical that Mr Spock could mistake it for a poetic passage of Vulcan literature.

The advertisement appears to be for a marketing position and  – if I’ve deciphered its verbosity correctly –  it’s asking for someone willing to work long hours with temperamental graphic designers to compile photographic images for cross-platform devices and services.

When I was still at school, a teacher told me that in ten years or so I would no longer recognise the names of bands in the music charts. When this day dawned, he said, I would have become part of the ‘older generation.’ I’d like to add that when you no longer recognize job advertisements then, as well as having joined the ‘older generation’, you have also passed into the ‘twilight zone.’


apple computer

Here,  for your interest, is the employment specifications for you to deconstruct at leisure:

Job Summary

This position coordinates with Business Affairs on creative needs and clearance including reviewing content matrices for cultural viability. It also supports creative staff with “buckets of content” and correct versions of photography. The CPM will work with X-Functional teams to choose content for any new project including Apps, music, movies, TV shows and podcasts. Position works closely with screen building team in Geo to execute all required screen versions necessary for projects.



Build consolidated shot lists of campaign imagery

Request file building from Geo Screen Teams and/or vendors for new screens to be built

Route loose Cross Functional imagery for approval

Fulfil image requests from various Apple functional teams

Work with WW Content Producers for transferring of assets and information

File Final Asset Requests with Business Affairs/working closely with Asset Managers

Identify and transfer launch assets to long-term Digital Asset system working with Digital Asset Managers

Manage Geo asset database

Desired Skills & Experience

Key Qualifications

This position requires a self-motivated, flexible individual with strong communication skills.

In addition:

Must have 3+ years experience in graphic production/photo producing and/or project management at design firm, ad agency or interactive shop.

Flexible, creative, solution-oriented individual with some experience in using Adobe Creative Suite’s Photoshop.

Knowledge of image and production specific needs for image reproduction; including web site builds, POS, Motion Graphics and email marketing.

Accuracy, excellent memory and eye for detail

Ability to work in a fast paced, demanding creative and production environment.

Flexibility is key to this role as well as working beyond the 9-5 framework.

Like everyone in this unique team, you will be able to demonstrate your own special magic.


Sue Bell

Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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