Are Sam and The Womp Deelite reincarnated?

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I’ve been writing about reincarnated celebrities  for years now.

Celebrity reincarnation occurs when an actor/actress follows the same career trajectory as a former, usually dead, celebrity.

However, ideas, actions, fashion, politicians, songs, books and just about anything else — including music video clips — can reincarnate.

Music video reincarnation

Sam and The Womp is a three-piece UK outfit fronted by Dutch singer Bloem de Ligny and best known for the catchy dance track Bom Bom.

The song, a carnivalesque romp, is captured in an energetic film clip with Bloem dancing in a white sparkly jumpsuit, her makeup a combination of red, glittery lipstick and with an expression resembling a deranged clown. Her band mates accompany her in various sections of the video as well as more specific shots of the two playing their instruments and goofing around.

The video complements the playfulness of the song and as such is expertly crafted and directed.

Yet, the video is uncannily similar to that of the 90s three-piece dance outfit Deelite.

Did the director of Bom Bom draw his influence from Deelite or was it an unconnected reincarnation event?

Deelite consisted of lead singer Lady Miss Kier and two male band mates. They had a smash hit in 1990 with the funky Groove is in the heart where Lady Miss Kier also dances in a jumpsuit, albeit with African-inspired tones, while her band mates dance and play their instruments. Sound familiar?

Technical bit

Intrigued by their similarities, I downloaded both clips for further investigation.

I imported them into video editing package Premiere Pro, chopped them around and put an opacity on the Deelite clip to compare it with Sam and the Womp. As suspected, the framing of both clips was strikingly similar.

Differences between the videos

There will always be differences, especially since there is a 25-year gap between the two — most notably the backgrounds — and Lady Miss Kier danced in front of a psychedelic backdrop whereas de Ligny’s is mostly red.

More long shots were noticeable in the Deelite clip with Kier standing on a rotating prop as opposed to de Ligny standing in a room full of red balloons.

Dancers surround Lady Miss Kier whereas mostly extras playing with balloons or other props feature in the Bom Bom clip.

Similarities between the videos

  • The Deelite musicians stand in front of their  turntables — a feature popular in many videos of that era — whereas Sam and the Womp have a saxophone and a ghetto blaster
  • The males in both bands are generally interspersed between longer shots of the lead singers
  • Jumpsuits are worn by both Miss Kier and de Ligny
  • Extended shots of the lead singers show similar dance moves
  • A bit of a long shot here but still relevant: Chloe de Ligny and Lady Miss Kier’s names consist of three words each
  • The overall pacing and energy of both clips is similar
  • Both Bom Bom and Groove is in the Heart could have their soundtracks swapped and placed over the other clip to the same effect.


Bom Bom is without doubt the reincarnated, contemporary channeling of Groove is in the Heart.

I created the following clip to demonstrate my conclusion:

Sue Bell

Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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