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Enjoying the Luxuries in Life

What would we insomniacs do without the overnight BBC World service? Where else could we find such a spectrum of novelties in the dead of night?

Feisty presenters, ever tolerant of those who teeter on the wild side, take us through the dark hours with humour and aplomb. A good sense of humour would be a prerequisite, for such is the absurdity of some ideas that a loud guffaw, at times, would be difficult to stifle.

Take for instance an interview with three young entrepreneurs I heard recently, waxing lyrical on  their new business venture, involving luxury holiday accommodation for toys.

When I tuned in, the presenter had just introduced her guests and I thought it was a joke, a bit of light relief, no doubt, after a few darker items. But, as the interview progressed it became clear that this was no joke. There were three, serious young men with a business in the making, that they believed was a winner.

Apparently one of them had come across a study that showed how much people love their toys, especially bears; and so why not exploit this, and make some money.

“Go into many homes,” said one “and you will find toy bears, smartly dressed and occupying the best seat in the place. Their owners get them new clothes every season, take them on outings and are always on the lookout to find new ways to make them happier.”  He paused, as his mate took up the story

“Yes, so we got together and came up with the idea of offering luxury holiday accommodation for toy bears at special hotels we would build around the globe.”

I expected the presenter to interrupt but I guess she was keen to hear the rest.

“As well as 5 star accommodation the bears will be able to receive massage, aromatherapy and enjoy candle light dinners.”

“Has there been any interest in this project,” the interviewer queried.
“Oh, yes’, came the quick response, in the first week that we were ready to take bookings in Vienna, there were seventy two.

I’m sure I caught a guffaw from the presenter as she wound up the interview, but really I don’t think it was any laughing matter.

Incidentally, a search on Google found no entries for luxury accommodation for toy bears. Maybe these would be entrepreneurs went into therapy instead.


ilma bell

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