Six ways to blow your own bubble of protection

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If you’re feeling a little drained, frazzled or worse for wear lately, perhaps you’ve unintentionally been absorbing negative vibes. It can happen.

My suggestion: Come back to your centre and sit in the “Energy of Choice”. It’s a courageous and passionate energy that offers you endless possibilities in this precious moment.

Know you always have choice to protect yourself energetically before entering any potentially toxic, depleting or harmful environments. Even walking into a busy shopping centre may be extremely depleting for you. It is for me.

Choose to protect your personal space daily – before you get out of bed – before you leave home – before you walk into the office – before you travel.

I’ve shared a few ways you can put yourself in a bubble of protection. Of course you may already have your own super fabulous ritual for protection and perhaps this post is simply a timely reminder for you.

Jingle bells!

Put yourself in a bubble:

1. Apply one drop of the essential oil “Vetiver” onto your solar plexus each morning. It helps us from taking on too much of other people’s “junk”.

2. Find a crystal bracelet that’s a combination of black tourmaline and labradroite. Alternatively, carry a piece of both crystals. The dual effect of black tourmaline and labradroite is awesome.

3. Tap into an energy greater than yourself. Intentionally connect with and call on the protective forces of angels, guides, gods, goddesses or the universe.

Get a sense, feel or picture of a beautiful white/golden light. Inhale the golden light deep into your body. Feel it fill and then expand outwards from your physical body and creating a shielding effect.

4. Words in the form of mantras or affirmations create a strong mental shield and soak into the energy of your aura, creating a protective energy imprint.

“I am always safe and protected”

“My aura is strong and healthy”

5. Chant a Buddhist prayer

“May I be filled with loving kindness”

May I be well”

“May I be peaceful and at ease”

“May I be happy”

6. Get grounded. When you’re ungrounded your energies become scattered, leaving you open to external influences. Breathe into your heels. Massage your feet. Jump up and down. Squat. Walk in nature.

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Peace, love and chocolate, Carole

This is an abbreviated and edited version of Carole’s orignal article (from her blog) and it appears on Midlifexpress with her kind permission.

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