Can anybody on Quora answer this question?

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I want to know why strangers often appear in our dreams, yet we interact with them as though we know them already. How is this possible?

So I posted a question to Quora today.

Quora, as you may know, is a Q&A forum full of really smart people (or mostly smart people). You can ask a question about anything and someone generally responds.

Last month, for example, I asked why American spirituality books always equate success with becoming a millionaire. It seems contradictory to promote material success at the expense of spirituality’s non-material values.

Four people responded. This was my favorite.


If people post a question that I believe I can answer, I will respond.

However, I’m unsure whether my words are very helpful. It seems there are so many intelligent, clever people writing for Quora that nobody really needs my input.

One day someone posted the following question: “Why is everyone on Quora smarter than I am?” He received over 70 responses. The most popular answer explained that while it appeared people were smarter it was merely a statistical paradox. This answer made me feel better.

Anyway, I haven’t received a single response to my dream question. Maybe nobody actually has an answer.

If not, I’m hoping that there might be someone in the blogosphere who can respond.

Then again, maybe I should ask the strangers in my dreams.

They seem like the kind of people you might find on Quora.

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