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Diana and Kristn Stewart
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Can Kristen Stewart channel Diana, Princess of Wales?

Reading Time: < 1 minute In season 4 of The Crown, audiences were introduced to Emma Corrin as the young Princess of…

The Dark Ride
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Matthew Brady: “Me eyes must be foolin’ me!”

Reading Time: < 1 minute Arr, landlubbers, grab your oars, fasten your wooden legs and don your eye-patches as we prepare to…

Brigitte Bardot
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A tale of two faces: Brigitte Bardot vs Britt Ekland

Reading Time: 2 minutes   These days, plastic surgery is so common that thespians who age naturally belong to an exclusive…

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3 Quotes for 2020

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INXS and Australian Crawl
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INXS vs Australian Crawl for the award of Rockstars with the Worst Table Manners in a Music Video

Reading Time: 3 minutes The 1980s were a golden age for music videos, mainly due to MTV’s ceaseless promotion of its…