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1 Comment on Julia Gillard needs social media advice
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Julia Gillard needs social media advice

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently I set my senior media students a task that involved reviving your popularity.

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5 Comments on Why employers need a social media policy
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Why employers need a social media policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Businesses need to be very clear on employees use of social media.

0 Comment on Mad Men: Why the Hype?
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Mad Men: Why the Hype?

Reading Time: < 1 minute I don’t get Mad Men. More to the point, I don’t get why Mad Men is such a popular television series.

1 Comment on Interview with Sue Bell
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Interview with Sue Bell

Reading Time: 2 minutes This interview about Midlifexpress was given to Women Entreprenuers in June 2009. 1/How did you come up…

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0 Comment on Boys and Education
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Boys and Education

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently I attended a professional development session for teachers billed as improving schooling for boys presented by…

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0 Comment on Get Your Art Work Online
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Get Your Art Work Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ever wondered how to get your work out on display without having to pay commission?

2 Comments on Reiki and Self Defense
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Reiki and Self Defense

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reiki Benefits lead to Self-Empowerment by providing a system of natural healing

1 Comment on Turn Persistence Into Dynamite
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Turn Persistence Into Dynamite

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever noticed that when you’re working feverishly on a new idea you hit a point where it…