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Take Heart At Midlife

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sitting on a bench outside the Supermarket the other day, I was joined by a middle-aged fellow..

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Injecting Fear:The War On Drugs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Inspired by our lords, masters and fellow war criminals in Vietnam, we dutifully tagged along as American…

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The Age Man Suit: You’ve Got To Be Kidding

Reading Time: 3 minutes I could hardly believe what I was reading this morning.

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The war on drugs

Reading Time: 4 minutes As pharmacists, we knew all our local addicts.

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Yogaman: An Endangered Species

Reading Time: 2 minutes When I first stepped onto a mat at Melbourne’s Gita School of Yoga in 1982, men were there in abundance.

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Teenage Binge

Reading Time: 3 minutes The statistics confirm many teenagers are binge drinking. The research also suggests girls are becoming increasingly aggressive due to alcohol. The alarming rise in drinking and risky sexual behavior amongst teens is fuelling the debate about how schools and parents should work together to prevent the problem.

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The Sustainable Woman

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sustainable living is the current eco-mantra.

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Not In My Backyard: The Long Road To Abortion Law Reform

Reading Time: 4 minutes The long, tawdry and depressing tale of Australia’s (and particularly Victoria’s) continual ignoring of women’s security and…