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What’s the Buzz

Reading Time: 2 minutes I love to trial new social media.

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Beware Phishing Scams

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may have heard of phishing scams. Generally it is a malicious piece of code that hijacks legitimate sites and redirects them to another portal. Recently, my media studies site for students at was hacked.

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InDesign For Self-Publishing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Free Indesign video tutorials to get you started on the self publishing road.

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Social Media Mood Calculator

Reading Time: < 1 minute Scientists have discovered what movie buffs have known for some time.

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Forward To The Future

Reading Time: < 1 minute Women can now give birth at 65 or even 70. There is talk of extending the life span to two hundred! So what is midlife, one hundred?

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Blogs as Alternative Websites

Reading Time: 3 minutes The internet these days is just full of blogs masquerading as websites.

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Mums are Media Omnivores

Reading Time: < 1 minute Warrior women eager to attract online business take note of media consumption by mums.

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Is it a twit or tweet?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a previous article I discussed the perils of using social media, particularly when affiliated with a…