Come back to your centre

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Now is always a great time to pause…and come back to your centre.

Particularly if you are feeling scattered or rushed around this time of the year.


Place your hands in prayer pose.

Tilt your head softly towards your heart.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply into your belly.

Repeat the following prayer:

May I be filled with love and kindness

May I be at peace

May I be well

May I be happy

Sometimes simple is all that is needed.

A simple moment in time to pause.

A simple moment to remember to breathe.

A simple moment to let it all go on the exhale.

A simple moment to come back to your centre.

Sending you all my heart felt blessings as our precious year comes to an end and a new one is about to begin.

I am deeply grateful you are in my life.

Peace, love and chocolate, Carole

Midlifexpress would like to thank Carole for allowing us to publish her wise and beautiful words all through the year.  You can find more of her writing at

Carole Fogarty

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