Conflict and the Warrior Woman

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office conflict
Conflict can promote change

Warrior women, like most of us, try to avoid conflict. However, this may not always be the best strategy. Naomi Mulgrave, the product development executive at AmEx believes that a business leader should not be afraid of conflict.

She thinks that conflict can promote positive change and cites her experiences at AmEx. People were resistant to change when she tried to encourage new ideas. She was told many times that her ideas would fail.  “When you reject change, you stifle innovation,” she said. Her strategy was to approach each department within the organisation and promote her ideas. Eventually she was rewarded with a positive and supportive team that promoted her vision.

For those warrior women also wanting to initiate change she offered three tips on how to drive innovation:

  • Articulate the downside of inertia.
  • Share & exchange ideas with stakeholders.
  • Influence the organisation with external thinking.

Most of all, never give up and eventually you will be rewarded.

Article Source
AmEx’s Mulgrave: ‘Dream Big’ And ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of Conflict’

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