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  1. Hi there,

    When I was a child, I thought we’d choose a career at 18 or maybe after college, then we would
    plough on with that until we retire. It seemed secure if a bit limiting.

    However, I soon learned that there are times when we pivot our careers – at motherhood for me,
    going from an HR executive to a freelance writer for example. For my father, it was at 50. He’d
    worked in business logistics for 30 years from being a delivery guy to a manager, to a c-suite
    executive, but then he decided to create his own consulting firm.

    My name is Jane and I’m writing because I’d love to contribute a full article on how older
    adults can change careers whether it’s starting their own business, moving into consulting, or
    into a new field entirely. I’m sure your readers will find this article intriguing and useful.

    Best Regards,

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