Dognition: What personality type is your dog?

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Dognition: what personality type is your dog?

At Midlifexpress we’ve written about the genius of dogs. We suspect they are smarter than generally acknowledged.

Now, you can discover how clever your pooch really is and contribute your findings to a worldwide research project.

Dognition assessment kits are a series of games that test your dog’s particular intelligence. According to Dr Brian Hare, author of Your Genius Dog, all canines are intelligent in different ways. (Obviously, Dr Hare has never met my stupid but lovable Labrador, or he might have to revise his assessment tools.)

Howard Gardner, an educational theorist, identified seven types of human intelligence.

Dr Hare says dogs have nine: charmer, ace, protodog, Einstein, maverick, expert, renaissance dog, stargazer and socialite.

The dognition kit profiles a dog’s worldview and explores a range of canine skills including empathy, memory, cunning, communication and reasoning. Your dog will excel in one or more of these areas.

To discover your dog’s personality profile you can order an assessment kit from the Dognition website.

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