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Trump the Trickster: How a mythological trickster will change the world and what you can do to prepare yourself

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November 8, 2016.

The day most pollsters, mainstream media journalists and Hillary Clinton fans never expected to see.

The day that left millions of people shocked, confused and devastated.

The day a billionaire business man with zero political experience won the US election.

How did this happen?

How, despite a venomous press, mass celebrity opprobrium and the less-than-enthusiastic support of his own Republican party, did Donald Trump get elected?

How, despite being called a “melting hunk of uninformed apricot jell-o”, by comedian Samantha Bee and “a punk…a dog …and a pig” by actor Robert De Niro, did this man become the 45th president of the United States?

Forget rational analysis. It will get you nowhere.

Forget expert opinion — most “experts” got it wrong in the lead-up to the election. Why would they get it right now?

Forget what you believe.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about how Donald Trump got to sit in the Oval Office.

Because the answer lies in an unexpected and mysterious place.


For it is to the power of myth that we must turn if we hope to understand the phenomenon that is Donald J Trump.

For it is to the world of myth, with its heroes and villains, fools and wise men, angels and demons, that Donald Trump belongs.

And Donald Trump himself represents the most enduring mythological character of all.

The trickster.

Should we be afraid?


Yes, becauseĀ  tricksters change everything. They overturn the status quo. They confuse, outfox and outsmart everyone. They restructure, reinvent and reshape everything.

Tricksters, in short, turn the world upside down, inside out and back-to-front.

And no.

Because tricksters, for all their bombast and self-interest, often bring about unintended, positive change.

Let’s hope we’re all still here in 2020 to see it.

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Author: Claire Bell
Claire Bell is the health and wellbeing editor of Midlifexpress. She is the author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic. Print and ebooks available on Amazon.

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