Elisabeth Murdoch – Warrior Woman

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Elisabeth Murdoch
The Midlife Warrior Elisabeth Murdoch

Never underestimate your daughter Mr Murdoch, as she could well be the one who saves your media empire. Perhaps somebody should have told Rupert that when he planned the grand succession.

Originally, Lachlan Murdoch seemed destined for the throne until he screwed up over his OneTel investment. Then along came James but he screwed up over the phone tapping scandal. As for Elisabeth, she struck out on her own years ago and created the successful production company Shine.

Her success means she can bag out her dad and younger brother without worrying about the consequences.  In a speech delivered recently, she made pointed remarks about the inept way in which James had managed the phone hacking debacle and the toxic news culture that sprung up under his leadership. She socked a left hook to Daddy Murdoch for failing to recognise her potential. Ouch!

There is nothing like a woman scorned; Julian Assange is well aware of that as he hides in the Ecuador Embassy. It could also be said that you shouldn’t overlook your daughters. I’m no fan of the Murdoch clan, the reincarnation of the corrupt Borgia’s of the Renaissance.  However, if anything can save the Murdoch family’s reputation, it could well be midlife warrior woman Elisabeth.

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