Erik Kripke are you the next Joss Whedon?

Eric Kripke: Are you the next Joss Whedon?

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Eric Kripke, could you be the next Joss Whedon?

Your career is unfolding like his and you’re soon to be  a household name.

You began with Supernatural (now in its final season.) and, just like Whedon’s  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you brought a refreshingly humorous approach to the tired genre.

Supernatural blurs the distinction between good and evil. The main protagonists Sam (Jared Padelecki) and Dean (Jensen Eckles) hunt supernatural creatures including the Devil and his entourage of angels and demons.

The angels, unlike their demonic counterparts, tend towards the moral end of the spectrum, although their ruthless pragmatism reveals their flaws and questionable actions.

Joss Whedon explored similar themes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where not all vampires are bad and humans are not always good.

You and Joss both love moral and ethical dilemmas,  particularly when it comes to interspecies relationships. Sam dates a demon and Buffy dates vampires. Imagine the conflicts arising from these liaisons?

Supernatural is now in its 15th and final season. However, you left the show at the finale of the fifth season to work on a new series called Timeless. This was a time travel/science fiction/action adventure. Similarly, Whedon created Firefly after he left Buffy. Firefly was a Western/science fiction/action adventure.

Both shows were cancelled early in their run. Firefly has since gone on to cult status and it’s too soon to tell if Timeless will do the same.

These cancellations must have been disappointing but it allowed you both to focus on other projects such as reinventing the formulaic superhero genre.

Whedon proceeded to give us The Avengers, a humourous, fast-paced adventure trilogy that broke box office records. The movie proved that audiences want superheroes who are more than one-dimensional caricatures.

Similarly, you created interesting characters in The Boys. This series is hugely popular with critics and audiences alike  and offers welcome relief from the formulaic superhero tropes currently dominating streaming services.

Your superheroes are seriously flawed. Unlike The Avengers, who really do want to save humanity, this lot are narcissistic, ruthless, and devoid of empathy. They are a culmination of personal and corporate greed and self-serving celebrity culture

Homelander from The Boys

The seriously creepy Homelander

The Boys has numerous outstanding performances by Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty and Anthony Starr who plays Homelander, the most powerful and ruthless superhero of all.

We also have an intriguing and thoughtful perspective on fame and why  famous people do not deserve our idolisation.

Given The Boys’ success, I’m sure you will have opportunities to make full length feature films.

When this happens, your and  Whedon’s career trajectories will be a complete match.

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Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.