How to Pick an Extra Income Business Perfect For You!

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Extra income business opportunities come in many different flavors and varieties so it only makes sense that you find one that suits your personality, skills and lifestyle.

Your definition of the best extra income model may be different than mine so it seems a bit ridiculous to claim any one idea as the best.  There’s a perfect part time home business for everyone but you have to decide what’s perfect for you.  In order to open your mind to the possibilities I’ll share what I think qualifies as a perfect work at home business that generates the extra cash you need.

First of all, any home business model worth starting will take some time, energy and yes at least a little money so you never want to be flip about it and start just any spare time business without evaluating it first.

As a matter of fact, before you invest your hard earned money in any home business; you should make sure it passes a set of strict criteria that you’ve decided is important to you.

For example, because I have small children, having the flexibility to work full or part time is critical for me but if you’re single and want to focus on wealth building for the next couple of years that may not be as important to you.

So what exactly qualifies as a perfect extra income home business?

Check out my list and see if it makes sense for you:

1.)   You should have the choice to work full or part time.

2.)   No Employees.

3.)   Very profitable. (can provide you a nice sized income relative to the amount of time spent earning it)

4.)   Easy and simple to set up. (no special skills needed)

5.)   Little or no competition. (To be really successful you must offer something unique and valuable to the marketplace so that you’re not in direct competition with others)

6.)   Low investment cost (practically zero cost)

7.)   No fancy equipment needed.

8.)   A business you can be proud to tell others about.

9.)   No Face to Face Selling – The product can be sold through various forms of free or low cost advertising.

10.)  No Telephone Calls

11.)  No or Minimal Customer Service headaches

12.)  Passive Income (potential for doing work once and getting paid months and years after)

Bottom line in my opinion: home business should allow you to work any time you want to and make enough money to enjoy it.

Do Perfect Spare Time Home Business Opportunities Exist?

While work at home extra income business opportunities that meet the criteria above are not necessarily easy to find, they are out there.  Most of the business models that qualify and appeal to me personally are ideas that use a computer and the Internet and believe it or not there are still legitimate ways to make money that meet most if not all of the criteria above.

You just have to make sure you’re judging any potential work at home business on what’s important to you.

By now you should have a criteria list of your own and be much better equipped to choose a work at home extra income business that’s not only profitable but that fits perfectly with your life.

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Article SourceEzines Article by Gilles S Cote

Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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