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Five fabulous writing blogs to boost your prose

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writing tools

This post will interest anyone who wants to improve their writing.

Here are five blogs and websites to help you ditch dull prose, banish stale phrases, enliven your vocabulary and spruce-up your grammar.

Writers need tools and these resources provide reliable implements with which to tighten up and polish your writing.

Yesterday (via Ran Prieur), I added another entry to my Writer’s Toolkit: Kas Thomas’s assertTrue(). It’s one of the most entertaining, well-written and practical blogs I’ve encountered and he has excellent posts on dispensing with verbal dreck, hackneyed expressions and pseudo-academic humdrum.

He’s also got clever suggestions on how to write a good opening sentence and paragraph.

It’s a bonus that he writes original, well-researched content on a variety of other subjects, too.

Daily Writing Tips
Writing World
Grammar and Punctuation
Online Slang Dictionary

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