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female shamanIn a nondescript suburban shopping strip in Melbourne’s outer east, you will find Susan and her Little Jaguar Mystery School.  Susan is a Toltec Shaman and a midlife woman with an unconventional life. Her shop is a vibrant mix of Mexican, Mayan and Andrean handcrafts and to enter its door is to step into a slightly altered reality. There is a sweet mysteriousness about Little Jaguar and its intriguing, enigmatic custodian.  Midlifexpress caught up with this Toltec adventurer to see what makes a  shaman tick. 

Who were the Toltecs?

In a linear sense, Toltecs are descended from Olmecs, and I believe Mayans are as well. The word ‘toltec’ translates to ‘man of knowledge’,  so the Toltec are less a breed than a branch of the Olmec/Mayan history. It’s similar to describing Christians within western genetics.

How did you become a Toltec shaman?

I was already well on the Shamanism Path when I read about the Toltec Path. It sung to my heart; it was something I already ‘knew’ deep within me. There was no going back after that. I studied and put knowledge to use, tested the info and made it work.

Do people relate differently to you when you tell them your occupation?

I don’t look like a normal person, I don’t act like a normal person and I don’t talk like a normal person, so when I tell someone what I do, the response is more like a confirmation for them. Telling people I am a retired shepherd, have a diploma in body building  and I drive a BMW has more shock value.

What do you enjoy?

Lots of things: a good laugh, knitting, watching the sun come up, strong coffee, the look on someone’s face when you flip their view of the world, kittens, the smell of fresh cut hay, playing online games, loud music, drumming, dancing, sex, drugs, rock n roll…..ok,  maybe not so much drugs these days.

 If you could choose one book to save for future generations, what would it be?

Chamalu by Luis Espinoza.

What do your children think of you being a shaman?

Not much!  Poor suffering children with a fruit loop for a mother –  they tolerate and respect my views, but they have their own.

What’s a Mystery School?

Oh, the irony! Mystery School is an old term for an esoteric place of study.

What’s missing in our modern society?

Love, trust and respect. Much easier to control people or make money from fear, mistrust, hurt and anger.

Is 2012 a significant year  or is it all a beat-up?

Sure is!  The Ancients used what is known as the Aztec Calendar systems, integrating several different calendars to understand each day. Today, we only understand a small few of over thirty known calendars. Unlike the Gregorian calendar  – which simply repeats every 365 1/4 days and is loosely based on our Sun cycle –  the Aztec system combined calendars based on the Sun, Moon, Venus, and so on. One of the main calendars, the Tzolkien, uses the main Sun of the Pleadian System as its central point. The date of 21/12/12 is a moment when that Sun, plus several other planets. are in a single alignment. This alignment resets the Aztec Calendar System at It is this so called ending that has been used to fuel fear of an apocalypse. It is actually a beginning;  a New Dawn of Cosmic Consciousness

Will we still have to go to work on 22nd December, 2012?

If you have a job and work on Saturdays, then yes. If not, then you can stay home and nurse your hangover from the Apocalypse Party the night before.

Claire Bell

Claire Bell is the health and wellbeing editor of Midlifexpress. She is the author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic. Print and ebooks available on Amazon.

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