Keith Richards and his fortunate accidents

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Recently, I watched Keith Richards in a series of YouTube clips.

The Rolling Stones guitar player is beginning to resemble Merlin, or would, if the wizard’s wardrobe consisted of colorful bandannas, multiple ear piercings and coins dangling from his hair.

Ironically, despite the wheezy sound of emphysema whenever he laughs, this 1960s relic proves that a lifetime spent ingesting toxic substances doesn’t necessarily kill you.

Anyway, Keith speaks animatedly with his hands, but the protruding lumps on his fingers are somewhat distracting. The disfigured joints are the consequence of a career strumming guitars, though I doubt he’ll apply for workers compensation.

The most interesting clip is Keith’s answer to the question of what was his biggest mistake. He responds by querying whether anything in life can really be termed a mistake. Instead, he thinks mistakes are actually fortunate accidents.

Therefore, mistakes have more meaning than we originally believe and can actually help us learn and progress.

“Nothing is permanent. It’s all part of your life, so don’t rush it man,” Keith concludes.

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