madonna's impossible dancers

Madonna’s double jointed impossible dancers

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Madonna has always selected the best dancers for her videos and world tours.

Recently, on the Ellen Degeneres show Madonna introduced her latest dancing troupe: five athletic males who are so lithe, flexible and freaky that anyone who tries to copy their moves would be hospitalised.

Yet, what struck me most about these dancers was not their impressive abilities but the impossible standards now required to join Madonna’s entourage.

There was a time when Madonna’s dancers vaguely resembled the rest of us. Take the most famous troupe from her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour featured in the documentary Truth or Dare. These dancers, forever immortalised in film and the Vogue video, were impressive with stunning dance routines the result of hours of rehearsal and dedication to their craft.

Yet, the dancers on the Ellen Degeneres show were different. It’s hard to imagine anyone, without alien physiology, ever moving like these men.

Which drew me onto another observation.

These men are exceptional dancers because they have the advantage of being double jointed.

We would not expect the average person or Madonna to dance in the same way. The standard is unobtainable.

Ironically, these amazing dancers are less enjoyable to watch.

By pushing the boundaries too high we run the risk of alienating the people we are trying to entertain.

I prefer Madonna’s 1990 dance troupe because at least they still appeared human.

madonna;s impossible dancers
Madonna’s more human dancers from the 1990 Blond Ambition Tour

Strike a Pose (documentary about Madonna’s 1990 dance troupe and where they are 25 years later). The documentary is a rather poignant look at a remarkable time in these dancers lives and the friendships forged and lost over the years. The absence of Madonna in the film, other than archival footage, allows us to focus soley upon these ex-dancers reunion. 

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