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Evening chamomile tea

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Here’s a lovely tea recipe I kidnapped from Dr Terry Wahls’ newsletter. If you’ve never heard of her, please check out her website and watch her TED talk, Minding your Mitochondria as soon as humanly possible. Dr Wahls is an extraordinary woman who put her advanced multiple sclerosis in remission with a structured paleo diet and she now conducts research into food as medicine and how it can help with brain injury and auto-immune disease.

She also makes a pretty nice brew.  This one’s especially relaxing just before bedtime.

Evening Chamomile tea

Full fat coconut milk
A pinch of ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cardamom

Brew the chamomile tea, using two bags per cup of water. Add full fat, unsweetened coconut milk and spices to taste. This is my usual evening tea. It is a delicious and lovely end to the day. It is also, because of the spices, a delicious ending to a meal.

Author: Claire Bell
Claire Bell is the health and wellbeing editor of Midlifexpress. She is the author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic. Print and ebooks available on Amazon.

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