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midlife woman on beachYour hands tell a story. Clenched and closed hands are a sign of stress and tension in the body and mind. It may also suggest a problem with letting go, moving on and trusting in the unique flow of your life. Relax your hands, open your palms and release the tight hold you have on “over controlling or forcing” life’s outcomes.

There is something wonderfully humbling when I open my hands out in front of me, palms facing up.  It instantly puts me in a different mind space. I let go. I feel more relaxed. I get a sense that everything will be OK. And, above all else, I  feel profoundly connected to something greater than myself.

Opening my hands –  energetically and symbolically –  has beautiful consequences.

It physically shows my willingness to surrender any internal urgencies I have.

At the same time energetically encouraging me to release the need to push/control/manipulate life’s little outcomes.

Open palms in front of me bring me back to my heart and out of my head and reminding me that ” forcing life” simply blocks support from the universe.

So, with that in mind here’s my simple, two minute hand relaxation ritual come meditation that I happen to believe has the potential to change your life.  It has mine.

It’s part of my current morning practice along with sprinklings of it throughout my day. Quite simply it takes me to a place where I can let go and trust in the flow of my life.  Now that has to be a great thing.

Fingers crossed you get the same sense of release and satisfaction with it as I do. Let me know what you think.

Open palm relaxation ritual:

1: Open your hands in front of you, palms facing up. Relax them.  Notice the effect this has on the rest of your body. Other parts of you start un-clenching as you release your grip on life. Your jaw un-clenches, shoulders drop, stomach relaxes and buttocks unclench.

2: Welcome the unknown. Invite new inspiration, new beginnings, new understandings and new adventures into the palms of your open, spacious, relaxed  hands.

3: Intimately feel the pulsating energy that now swirls in ever increasing circles in the palms of your hands.

4: Sense you are connecting to something greater than yourself. A feeling of being supported.

5: The more open and spacious your hands, the more open and spacious your thoughts, body and life becomes. Your hands have created the space for support and inspiration to flow your way. You are now connected to the pulse, rhythm and heart beat of the universe.

Trusting it brings a little pocket of peace into your day as it often does for me.

This article first appeared on Carole’s delightful blog thehealthylivinglounge.com and manifests on Midlifexpress with her kind permission.

Carole Fogarty

Carole Fogarty runs retreats and you can read her blog at: http://thehealthyliviinglounge.com

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