Midlife Women: should you embrace your delusion?

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According to journalist Charlotte Raven, midlife women are delusional.

Raven, writing for The Independent, asserts that narcissism has infiltrated the mid-life crisis, creating a generation of  self-absorbed women inflicting their search for a meaningful life upon the rest of us.

Raven points to a variety of popular texts and movies written by midlife women that lack the insight and depth of earlier feminist pieces. She believes that contemporary middle class women are too comfortable and therefore incapable of recognising or writing about real hardship, loss or sorrow.

Whereas midlife men write about their mortality, women write about cooking, travel and self-awareness.

Midlife men dwell on death whilst middle-aged women travel.

She quotes research that midlife women are more optimistic than midlife men (though I have also read the complete opposite  conclusion to this research) Raven concludes that this optimism stems from women’s denial about death and is therefore delusional.

This delusion is reflected in texts and films like Eat, Pray, Love and The Julie and Julia Project, which highlight women’s narcissism and self-absorption instead of  insightful commentary on the human condition.

Charlotte Raven may be right in observing that our culture has produced a generation of deluded midlife women.

Yet. being a deluded middle-aged woman might be the only strategy we have to cope with ageing. If so, superficial texts written by narcissistic women might prevent self-loathing at midlife.

And are women’s midlife crisis comparable to men’s? Is it better to be optimistic rather than pessimistic about the future?

A midlife full of anxiety and depression doesn’t sound like much fun.

The answer depends on you.

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Female Midlife Crisis

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