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Midlife Women – Your Online Date Awaits

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online dating
A new style of romance

Looking for a new relationship? Want to try something different? Then online dating might just be for you. Over the past five years or so there has been a huge increase in people using online dating sites to meet a new partner. I spoke with Jill Kerr about online dating and whether she gives it the thumbs up!

Why did you decide to try an online dating site?  

I decided to try online dating because my friends had recommended it. Also I was not a ‘going to the pub/dancing’ type person. It also allowed anonymity – to cruise and check out profiles (bit like ‘obligation free shopping’) Plus at 56 years old I hoped there would be men on the site who had experienced separation and thus would have some empathy with my situation. I did feel a bit vulnerable because I presumed there would be ‘stalkers’ on the site, so was careful about the initial information I put online

What sort of details do you need to enter about yourself and how honest should you be?

I did not put a photo at first – thought if anyone was interested then they should read my profile etc and not be concerned about ‘looks’. I was as honest as I could be – the RSVP site I used had boxes to tick so it make the process fairly easy.

Were you nervous about the process?

I was nervous, but thought I had nothing to lose. I looked at the site for a couple of months before I actually contacted Bob.

What was it like meeting up for a date?

Very nerve wracking. I had a lunch hour and he came to Hobart – so we went and had a coffee over lunch. Bob was friendly from the outset and happy to just chat and be himself. We spent that weekend together.

How did it all turn out for you and your date?

Bob and I saw each other from day 1 – he came to Hobart and I came to the NW for visits. I was keen to get away from Hobart so when the chance to move here came about, I took the ‘leap of faith’. Bob and I lived together for 18 months and finally married on Good Friday.

Would you recommend dating sites for midlife women?

Yes, I think it’s a great way to regain one’s confidence. It could also be a disaster – I have to accept I was really lucky. However, I do believe if you read the online profiles carefully, take it slowly etc you can ‘read between the lines’ and see who is genuine and who is not.

Bob had been on the site for a couple of years and his experience was that there were a lot of lonely women out there but most of them had been so hurt by previous relationships that they were not interested in anything long term. Bob wanted a partnership and so did I.

Midlifexpress wishes to thank Jill for the interview and wish her and Bob all the best for the future.


Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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