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I read an article today about a list of influential social media signmommy bloggers. The top 100 mommy bloggers are a highly sought after demographic being targeted by advertisers. In fact, gaining a sponsored post or an ad on these blogs is potentially a source of huge revenue for advertisers. In turn the successful mommy blogger can make a living out of writing and maintaining a blog.

However, the author was upset by being on the top 100 list. Why, she argued, should women be refered to as mommy bloggers? Men who write and keep blogs aren’t referred to as daddy bloggers. She felt embarrassed to be on the list and that her success as a business woman was being undermined. She also pointed out that some of the female bloggers on the list weren’t mothers. The list, she concluded, was a publicity stunt by an advertising company trying to lift its profile.

Her cynical assessment of inclusion in the Top 100 list is no doubt true. Advertising companies aren’t bleeding hearts and don’t put effort into creating extensive lists if there isn’t some financial value attached. However, whilst I can’t speak for all the mommy bloggers out there, I left a comment on the author’s post. I said she shouldn’t take being a mommy blogger personally and that it was just a way for advertisers to group together a female demographic of a certain age.

It also made me think about the little things that upset people. Did it really matter that she was referred to as a mommy blogger on some obscure list? I think of mommy bloggers as people having gained life experience to share within an online community.

Mommy bloggers, like Brangelina, the nickname for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is a media coined phrase.  Advertisers work with statistics and are putting a label on a group of female writers. Women create communities by sharing information about relationships, shopping, brands and recommendations for various products. Advertisers realise this and target popular sites. It is no different from advertising on any other media platform.

These Top 100 mommy blogger sites are a powerful force and an influential online community. To be labelled a mommy blogger is irrelevant. Far better to look for the positives in being part of something successful than worry about what it’s called.


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Sue Bell

Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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