Mums are Media Omnivores

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Mums Shop Online using Smartphones

Warrior women wanting to attract online business might be interested in media consumption by mums. Carey Witmer, president of Meredith’s Parents Network says that, “Today’s moms are media omnivores. They are creating new rules about how and when media intermingles with their busy lives.”

According to research by Meredith’s Parents Network, 8 in 10 women are on Facebook and whilst 57% believe that Facebook is a waste of time, they also describe it as “me time.” Shopping on their smartphones took up 80% of their time and one in five mums admit to consuming media in the bathroom.

Mums are great shoppers and make many of the purchasing decisions for their household. Warrior women can tap into this market by offering a great online experience and use social media platforms to drive traffic to their site.

Added to this,12% of mums report using their smartphones during sex. That’s probably not an area midlife warrior women want to tackle but it sure might worry a few husbands and partners.

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