NASA to Earth: The world isn’t ending yet!

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Spooked by the Maya calendar and doomsday predictions of the world ending next week?

Will solar flares, rogue planets or pesky asteroids that allegedly wiped out the dinosaurs finally destroy all living creatures on Earth?

Well, no. In fact, NASA’s so convinced there will be no human-made or space-borne apocalypse that they’ve made a video. Its  release date: 23rd December 2012 — the day after the big event. If NASA’s confidence that the Earth will not have exploded, imploded, been deep-fried or zapped by solar radiation is well-placed, then it means we will still be around for them to say, “We told you so!” on YouTube.

The Maya calendar, say NASA scientists, has been misinterpreted. No doubt, this has helped sell books, tickets to terrible films and kept the psychics in business. However, the Mayans never predicted the end of the world.  They were far more concerned with the cyclical nature of time and, according to their Long Count calendar, December 21st 2012 represents the beginning of a great, new cycle called the 13th bak’tun.  So, everything resets and starts again.

Not sure what it all means? I wasn’t sure either until I got a sneak peek at NASA’s video:

Then again, why has NASA leaked it before the official release date? I realise that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton sex tapes are bootleg material– but NASA videos? Are people trading this under the counter?

“Pss! You wanna buy a NASA tape buddy? It’s got great Maya head shots!”

Oh dear, maybe I won’t get to see The Hobbit on Boxing Day after all. Can someone please forward me a pirated version before the 22nd?

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