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Roller Derby: A Warrior-Woman’s skating wonderland

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roller derby skates

If you’ve done our quiz and find the Warrior Woman or Daredevil archetype seeking attention, then consider Roller Derby skating. It’s a fast and furious contact sport played mainly by women and its tactical elements encourage quick-thinking, agility and problem-solving. You will also get fit, fearless and focused and Roller Derby’s team emphasis means you’ll bond with new people, develop trust and increase your social circle.

My friend Janine is a Roller Derby warrior-woman who bolts around the track twice a week — a focused and determined Derby torpedo.

Here’s her take on a sport Queen Boudica would play if she were extant:

Janine says,

“No matter how crap your day has been, Derby training can make you forget everything and walk away feeling superb. It’s an absolute laugh. Plus, you get to dress up and don an alter-ego you wouldn’t normally show.

Roller Derby is an opportunity to get physical and fitter whilst meeting new people (the majority of whom are women) from all walks of life who are completely addicted to rolling on eight wheels.

Playing a team sport is psychologically strengthening and develops a healthy morale. Derby, in particular, requires keen focus and trust and the ability to be knocked over (and to knock others over) with no hard feelings.

Any woman can do it. We have women (18-50) who train and play in our team and we each have a range of strengths and weaknesses.  We are teachers, librarians, mothers, wives and grandmothers — you simply need a willingness to learn, train hard and be willing to fall. Once you learn to trust your gear (pads and helmet) and learn to fall safely, the derby world is your oyster!

I am 32 and had never skated until eight months ago. Now, I skate fast and confidently and with a fair amount of agility despite time out from injuries.

I have gained enormous confidence, pleasure and fitness from playing Roller Derby; not to mention finding valued friends, an addiction to skating and a life beyond my day job. Your bravery grows as you learn to take calculated risks and to trust your ability and intuition. Also, as your skating skills increase, so, too, does your inner self strengthen and grow.

It’s amazing what happens when you allow your feminist (alter-ego) flag to fly.”

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Author: Claire Bell
Claire Bell is the health and wellbeing editor of Midlifexpress. She is the author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic. Print and ebooks available on Amazon.

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