More Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body

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direwolfHere’s another extract from my forthcoming book Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body.

Why would anyone want to return to the Stone Age?

Why would any sane, electronically-enhanced, flawlessly entertained modern human think he or she could benefit from the long-buried wisdom of a long-dead people?

Here’s why: Prehistory may have been harsh but it was simple. It was also quiet, uncrowded and conducive to good health. Stone Age skeletons are strong and sturdy and I suspect the brains these skulls once enshrined were robust as well.

Until recently, we knew little about Stone Age people’s lives. Their secrets lay buried under earth and rock for millennia before being exhumed, pieced together, and revealed to us by anthropologists and archaeologists.

If we think of the Stone Age at all, most of us believe it to have been cold, barbarous, and brutally short for its human inhabitants. I believed this, too, until I delved deeper and researched this era for the better part of a year. What I know now is that although prehistoric people lived in a harsh world, their lives were neither as wretched nor as brief as I once thought.

Dr Philip J Goscienski, author of Health Secrets of the Stone Age, says it’s untrue that Stone Age people rarely lived till old age. Indeed, he says, anthropologists have known for decades that 10 percent of humans survived to the age of 60 years. The reason we think otherwise is because high infant mortality rates skew the longevity statistics to make it appear Stone Age people were almost all dead by the age of 18.

So, while their lives were undoubtedly perilous, they were also basic, uncluttered, and relatively quiet.

Their world was unpolluted and their food fresh, unprocessed, and free of chemical additives.

Life’s pace was steady and they were spared the depredations of telemarketers, electronic gadgets, and consumerism. This all combined to put less stress on their bodies and minds.

And less stress is what we urgently need today.

Claire Bell

Claire Bell is the health and wellbeing editor of Midlifexpress. She is the author of Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body and Comma Magic. Print and ebooks available on Amazon.

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