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Stop talking

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 Ashleigh Saywell lets rip on verbal dysentery.

I’ll keep this brief.

You talk too much.

You talk too much because you are a dopamine addict. Your brain loves the sound of your voice.

Try this if you think me impudent:

Set a timer for twenty seconds. Start talking. Stop when the timer goes off. I bet that shocked you.

Twenty seconds is all you have.

Twenty seconds is your limit. You might get away with forty seconds if it’s your mum, your dog, or your reflection. But any longer and people are either ready to run from you or ready to kill you.

If you must talk without pause for any length of time, pay someone to listen.

And if you’re talking to anyone other than your therapist, for god’s sake give them a chance to respond. Let them speak. Otherwise, they leave feeling depleted, ignored, or furious.

Find other ways to get your dopamine hit.

Stop talking.


Author: Emma