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Taylor Kitsch: What happened to your career?

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Taylor Kitsch, what happened to your career? I’m disappointed.

You’ve failed to make the Hollywood A list.

You’re an attractive man and have that sullen, sensitive thing going that makes most women (and some men) swoon.

But you’ve made some bad choices and risk sliding from B list to C list and downhill from there.

What went wrong?

Your first mistake was The Bang Bang Club (2010) with Ryan Phillippe, another sullen Hollywood type.

The film bombed, much like the movie’s war-torn country.

Then you played the lead in John Carter. This big budget Hollywood flick was quite a coup for a relatively unknown actor. You had to battle a bunch of bad-ass aliens on Mars and rescue a princess. I thought the film was okay but I’ve got a soft spot for you. Everyone else said that John Carter is one of the worst movies ever made.

You probably weren’t too worried about your next career move starring in Battleship with Liam Neeson. You wore a tight white uniform to play a reluctant naval officer battling another bunch of bad-ass aliens. Pop star Rhianna was at your side, but even she couldn’t save this movie and Battleship sank faster than a direct torpedo hit.

To salvage your career you were cast in the second season of True Detective. The first series with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was a hit. Expectations for the next installment were high. Three A list actors, Vince Vaughan, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams, co-starred. But the second season was disappointing. Too many characters, a confusing plot and Vince Vaughan’s wooden acting ruined the show. Your portrayal of the conflicted, sensitive cop Paul was a highlight, however, but not enough to save this dreary mess.

Taylor, if you’re ever going to crack the A list, you need box office hits and a healthy dose of luck.

You might also want to consider my advice: Never work with Ryan Phillippe, Vince Vaughan or bad-ass aliens again.

And please stay away from anyone who offers you command of a battleship — especially if their name is John Carter.

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