The Gift Of Noticing

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I came across a word that in its written and spoken form looks unassuming and, quite frankly, plain. Yet surprisingly, when I think or speak it with care, a whole new expanded awareness appears right before my very eyes. It encourages me to pause; coaxes me to linger longer, to see the unseen and to feel the subtle energies surrounding me. The word, my friends, is notice. It has the distinct feeling of being a complete sentence in itself:  Notice.

It doesn’t tell you what to notice but without a doubt when you start focusing on it you do start noticing more. You can’t help but slow down and pay closer attention. Quite effortlessly you start noticing things/sensations/connections which you normally may have otherwise missed.

The word notice recently grabbed the attention of my intuitive self when reading an article by Jesse Jacobs from the Samovar Tea Lounge. I felt an instant connection.

As the days passed, I kept thinking of the word notice and came to appreciate that simply by holding this word in my thoughts, my awareness expanded naturally. I automatically became more mindful and felt a deeper connection to myself and life. It’s a beautiful thing.

So now I’m sharing it with you. Trusting that if it resonated with me it may well speak to you. Fingers crossed. Below are a few ideas I’ve tossed around that you may care to notice more.

Notice the little things:

1.  Notice the steam wafting from your tea. It’s seductive and meditative.

2. Notice the breath of your children or partner. Rather than seeing them – notice the beat of their heart or sound of their breath.

3.  Notice if you keep thinking of a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Ring them.

4.  Notice the emotion you are cooking into your food. I happen to believe there’s more to the look, smell and nutritional value of a meal. Our meals also hold emotions. A meal cooked with love without doubt tastes divinely better. So next time you are cooking a meal – notice your emotions.

5.  Notice the colour of your clothes. Notice with a slowness as you choose your clothes – are the colours you are reaching for energetically what your body is needing today?

6. Notice how you move. I do this often. Am I walking or sitting with comfort and ease? Am I rushing my body carelessly, restricting my breath or am I mindfully breathing into my belly, willing to accept the here and now?

7.  Notice the next animal you see. Animals can be subtle messengers on your life’s journey. Notice the butterfly, crow or owl and connect with the message they are sending you.

8. Notice the chatter inside your head. If you notice your thoughts you can change them – if you need too.

9.  Notice how you hold your body. Is your body open, relaxed and spacious or tight, closed and blocked.  I’ve said a million times before – lose the frown, part the lips, release the jaw and drop your shoulders. Notice your body more often.

10.  Notice if you keep hearing about a book. There’s a good chance you need to read that book.

11.  Notice those feelings. Intuition is a powerful and very helpful force that arises usually in the pit of the stomach. Take time to notice what your intuitive self is trying to tell you.

12.  Notice what’s around you. Notice what you are seeing, feeling and sensing – in this moment – right here and now – can be the most amazing gift of all.

13.  Notice the feather on the footpath: I learnt many years ago from a North American Indian Grandfather that when you find a feather on the foot path in front of you, it’s a sign you are on the right track. Notice feathers.

This article was originally published on Carole’s lovely blog and appears here with her kind permission.

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