Why it’s time to get philosophical about menopause

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As a pharmacist, my experience with providing medical treatments lasted for over fifty years.

Over this time, I have become disillusioned and cynical about our modern drug-taking culture.

Historically, our present day drugs mostly derived from naturally occurring plant and animal compounds.

These had been used for hundreds of years, throughout the world and had some degree of usefulness in relieving pain, improving mood, treating infections, inducing sleep and alleviating other benign disorders.

But they were ineffective treating the major disorders such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, lung disease and severe mental illness.

The sorry story is that all the modern drugs we use to treat these major disorders are nearly as useless.

And they have much more severe side-effects.

The path we have taken is for everyone to seek out and demand perfect health.

We want to live forever

We want to live forever and so that’s what the modern medical system tries to provide. Doctors, researchers and drug companies have formed an unwritten and unholy alliance hell-bent on providing an instant miracle-drug cure for every conceivable ailment.

Hormone replacement therapy is a wretched saga

A case in point is the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) industry. It’s an ongoing, wretched saga spanning decades.

Menopause has somehow come to be seen by doctors and their female patients as a “disorder”.

Menopause, however, is a normal life condition that midlife women have survived quite well for millennia, yet many women began to demand a “treatment” for its symptoms.

The medical and drug industries were happy to provide hormones derived from horse serum (mares of course) for their flushed clients.

Serious side effects of HRT — blood clots, for example — were ignored or downplayed.

An army of “experts” is employed by each drug company to make sure their products are viewed in a favourable way — similar to the ‘experts’ employed by the tobacco companies and the breweries.

It’s time  to question the need for drugs in many instances and to take a more philosophical view of life’s physical stages.

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Robert Gosstray is a retired pharmacist and the resident health writer for Midlifexpress. He’s also author of Pharmacy’s Dirty Secrets.

Robert Gosstray

Robert Gosstray is a retired pharmacist and the resident health writer for Midlifexpress. He is the author of The Pharmacist's Secrets: Drugs, lies and money.

2 thoughts on “Why it’s time to get philosophical about menopause

  • June 7, 2014 at 10:34 am

    I tried for many years to go the natural route and I was miserable. I mean really, really miserable. I couldn’t sleep, I had heart palpitations, pouring sweat, foggy brain. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I finally broke down and started HRT. It has made me nearly normal again. No more sweating, my brain cleared, my sleep is better. Sorry, I’m sticking with HRT!

    • June 7, 2014 at 10:42 pm

      Good luck with HTR – best to stick with whatever works for you.


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