How our toxic environment is playing havoc with children’s health

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Kas Thomas writes a thoughtful piece on environmental toxins (including the mercury-containing Thiomersol which is used in some vaccines) and their link to the staggering 50-fold rise in autism over the last three decades. The resident Midlifexpress pharma-shaman, Robert Gosstray, author of Pharmacy’s Dirty Secrets, is angry that the increasingly toxic environment is compromising our children’s biological health. Here’s his take on the unfolding catastrophe:

The autism link to Thiomersol is valid. Mercury compounds, organic and inorganic, were big for quite a while — mostly for external use, but the mercury was absorbed through the skin anyway. They were used to treat eczema, lice, scabies, syphilis and other scrofulous disorders, and they were also used orally in tonics, powders, etc.  It was thought that the Mercurous salts (Mercurous Chloride or Calomel) were less toxic than the Mercuric salts (and this was probably right), but they all did some damage, especially to children.

Calomel was a mercury compound used in teething powders and every second kid was regularly doped up. The result was an epidemic of Pink Disease — chronic mercury poisoning with all sorts of neurological and digestive problems.

We never learn.

Like any potentially dangerous (and wrong) practice, it is almost impossible to have it scientifically investigated, assessed and corrected. This is because one nasty factor in our environment is impossible to separate out from all the others.

I would have no doubt that Thiomersal causes damage (and autism) but it is working in conjunction with all the other environmental toxins we are afflicted with every second of our lives. Epidemiologists and other researchers would investigate Thiomersal in isolation and perhaps find no direct causal link. They haven’t got the time, the interest or the money to investigate the nasty combinations of environmental contaminants we are drowning in.

Lies, damn lies, and autism

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Robert Gosstray

Robert Gosstray is a retired pharmacist and the resident health writer for Midlifexpress. He is the author of The Pharmacist's Secrets: Drugs, lies and money.

One thought on “How our toxic environment is playing havoc with children’s health

  • February 19, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    The info in Kas Thomas’s article is alarming. I remember ‘mecurochrome’ disinfectant being used on scratches and the like when I was growing up.

    I originally heard of autism as a genetic disorder but as Thomas describes, it seems there is mounting evidence for environmental causes. I’ve also read several articles recently linking gluten (described as a ‘food toxin’) to autism or autistic-like symptoms.


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