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Trust the flow

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Trust is a one word mantra that works miracles. Trust pushes the negativity and noise out of your head.

I happen to believe (passionately) that repeating “I trust” encourages us to let go of the doubt, excess worry, need to control, push, force, shove or cling overly tightly to specific outcomes.

Trust is a healing word. Helping us feel safe again.

Willingly carrying away our worries as it soothes our nervous system.

Trust (when repeated often) therapeutically offers a new way of flowing through life, gently hinting that we don’t need to know all the answers right now.  And perhaps – just perhaps – all the over thinking and forcing in the world isn’t going to move things along any faster. Trust the process and divine timing.

“I trust” is a kind nurturing mantra.  Gently nudging us to let go of the story and trust in an energy greater than ourselves.  Helping us welcome and sit patiently with the awkwardness of the unknown, gradually persuading us to sink into a feeling of being more content with what is – or is not –  happening.  Above all, it’s trusting in the rhythms and cycles of nature, life and the universe.

Notice how your body willingly responds when repeating “I trust” over and over again. It’s really quite magical.

For me, my shoulders start to release and drop, my inhale naturally relaxes and deepens and I exhale with a releasing sigh! I begin to feel a little different.

My body starts to surrender releasing clenching and tension. The mind gradually lets go.

The pressure I place on myself is released. I’m now viewing life from a more balanced place.

I trust” has been a remarkably loyal friend for many years now. I’m sure I repeat it often to myself each day without even knowing.  It has an ability to bring a slowness to how I’m feeling on the inside. And that, my friends, is a beautiful feeling.

It doesn’t mean I become passive about situations. I’m still in motion. However my motion is more relaxed and flowing – not harsh, agitated and forceful. There’s a difference.

Trust manifesto:

I’ve been collecting and creating for many years affirmations and statements on the word ‘trust”. Thought you might be curious as to some of my favourites, so I’ve shared them below.

Fingers crossed that one or more resonates with you and offers the perfect inspiration or, at the very least, a moment of comfort. Enjoy, beautiful friends, as life is all about sharing.

1. Give yourself permission to trust. Know it’s safe to trust.

2. Trust you don’t need to know all the answers right now.

3.  Trust you can breathe deeply into any worrying thought or situation. Soon things will start to dissolve and shift with the spaciousness you give it.

4.  Trust the 3 taps theory.  If you’ve heard or read about something or someone three times, then trust the universe is trying to get your attention.

5. Your ability to profoundly relax is in direction proportion to how deeply you trust in your unique life flow.

6. Don’t worry, plan or over think. Trust there is divine timing for everything.  Simply hold the space in the palm of your hands in complete knowing.

7. Words, silent or spoken, have an energy flowing through them. Your words create and therefore matter. Repeating the word “I trust” will trigger a positive chain reaction.

8. If you are pushing or forcing a situation perhaps you are unintentionally blocking support from the universe. Trust.

9.  Trust. Stop forcing things to go your way. It interrupts life’s magical flow.

10.  When nothing is working. Do nothing. It creates the space for flow to happen again. Trust.

11. Just for today stop, step back, let go of the re-hashing and over analzying of stuff.  Breathe space into your thoughts. Trust everything will be OK.

12. Welcome the unknown. Simply Trust.

This article from Carole’s blog appears on midlifexpress with her kind permission.

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