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Truth is stranger than fiction

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Last week I posted a piece about the paralysis jumper, an article of clothing designed for guinea pigs. This post was very popular, indicating that a sense of the absurd is alive and well in the blogging underworld. Humanity is madder than you think.

Here are two more outstanding examples.

Hobart Art Prize Winner: Saddled and Bejewelled Stuffed Guinea Pig

This is absolutely true. My mother was not in fact hallucinating when she texted me excitedly that a guinea pig was in the competition. ‘I saw it on TV!’ she said.

Moreover this bizarre and somewhat macabre exhibit (I prefer mine live) won the prestigious Fibre Prize.

Ebay Offer: Handcrafted Guinea Pig Scale-mail and Helmet

Just when I thought fisherman’s knits for small rodents must top the list for peculiar fashion items, I was proved wrong. A friend alerted me to this stunningly crafted armour, designed to fit the noble beasts. Eat your heart out, Sir Lancelot!

Author: Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh is an editor and writer based in Hobart. She loves books, sun and tropical fish.

1 thought on “Truth is stranger than fiction

  1. Crikey Merridy. I nearly wet myself when I saw that guinea pig in armour. He would do well as an extra on Game of Thrones — the rodent version. (Are GPs rodents?) And, after just reading Sue’s post on Earth’s weird-as-wally deep sea wildlife, I’m feeling slightly skewed and moderately strange.

    Thanks for another surreal and amusing post.

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