Warm Pumpkin and Cous Cous Salad (Vegetarian/Vegan)

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pumpkin and cous cous salad

A delicious salad from our resident craftswoman Lisa Haas


I c wholemeal cous cous

500g pumpkin (cut into 1.5 cm cubes)

8 Spring onions (finely chopped)

¼ tsp cumin

1/8 tsp cinnamon

Freshly ground black pepper

1 tblsp lime juice

30 ml olive oil (and 15 ml extra)

Small bunch fresh mint

Bunch fresh coriander

¼ c pumpkin seeds, roasted

1 c boiling water


Firstly, toss cubed pumpkin in 15 ml of olive oil, season with salt and pepper and cumin – roast in 180° C oven until tender (approx. 20-25 mins).

Chop spring onion and marinate in lime juice while rest of ingredients are prepared.

Finely chop mint and coriander. Toast pumpkin seeds and keep warm.

Warm a large bowl (in microwave), add cous cous, ground pepper to taste and cinnamon. Stir through with boiling water and cover to rest approx. 10 mins or until water is absorbed and cous cous is tender.

Add pepper and olive oil to spring onion and lime juice; add to cooked cous cous, along with the finely chopped mint and coriander and stir to fluff cous cous and incorporate other ingredients. Add cooked pumpkin and toasted pumpkin seeds and stir gently.

Serve with wilted spinach.

Serves 2 as main meal or use as accompaniment with other salads.


Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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