The Wonder Woman With A Chainsaw

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woman with chainsaw
The Real Wonder Woman

I hired a gardener last week.

I realised that two acres were too much for me, particularly as I work full time. Shrubs were overgrown, vegetables had self – planted all over the garden, the Budleas (a native Australian plant) had ventured farther and farther afield – with twisted branches and overhanging limbs creating a haven for snakes – and Sycamore tree seeds had propelled themselves onto the roof and were sprouting in the gutters. It was all rather overwhelming.

Then a miracle happened.

A work colleague recommended a friend who enjoyed gardening and was seeking part time employment. I phoned and she arrived two days later to look around the property. I showed her the  jobs that needed immediate fixing whilst she nodded and confirmed she would start in the next day or so.

On a whim I asked  if she could use a chainsaw.  She replied that she had a chainsaw license and was the only woman on the North West Coast of Tasmania who had ever been granted one. I knew then that I was speaking to someone special –  a warrior woman with a cultivator heart and, in the last few days, this woman has done things several men were unwilling to tackle.

Two years ago I had to – very reluctantly – poison four poplar trees as they were encroaching on  my greenhouse foundations and cracking the cement. I discovered later that it would have been easier to chainsaw them first and then poison the stumps. However, having gone the wrong way about it, the trees had become a menace. Nobody, including several men and a professional woodcutter, wanted to do the chainsawing and all recommended I hire an expensive rig to cut the trees branch by branch.

I told my gardener this story; she took one look at the trees, said they were unsafe and  full of wood lice and could drop at any minute. She chainsawed them with ease, leaving me a heap of firewood, and went off to tackle the next task.

Since then she’s chainsawed her way through the Budleas, overgrown pine trees, a multitude of shrubs and even got a bonfire burning when I’d been unable to manage even a spark for months.

When it rains she works on other areas of the garden. She’ll work all day without any fuss and no job is too difficult for her.

Wonder Woman was a male fantasy in comic books and a very, very  bad 1970s television show. The real Wonder Woman comes equipped with a chainsaw license and a no fuss attitude.

You don’t need a spandex costume for that.

Sue Bell

Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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