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A Recipe for Midlife Delight

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fire placeNo! not a culinary delight, not something to weigh or measure, pop in a pot, roast in the oven or toss on the BBQ but a recipe from Mother Nature herself, resplendent in autumn mode.

With loaded brush she paints, flooding the landscape with vibrant colour before stripping the canvas bare and setting the scene for winter. Of course her work is never done. What else is she telling us?

Time, perhaps, for a test run at mulling the wine (an interesting recipe if you can get your hands on a robust one).  I was told by an ‘expert’ in the field that alcohol evaporated as it boiled so, not to worry, mulled wine was as safe as water. No ill effects, drink as much as you like without fear of intoxication.

So I did! Why can’t I remember anything about that night?

Of course there were the optional extras…..

Then, come winter, with its bracing Arctic chill, there’s the  luxury of log fires, a slowing to enjoy the company of family and friends, a glass of red or a sparkling mineral water as problems of the world are solved together

And much, much more.

Yes, Mother Nature has some great recipes.

Author: ilma bell
Ilma is a midlife woman who enjoys sitting in her garden.

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