monster fish

Why I’d be banned from showing my students this post

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monster fish

If you teach teenagers you will know how challenging it is to get them to read anything other than text messages, Tumblr, or Facebook updates.

Teachers smile and nod sympathetically when yet another colleague complains that the scanned, printed or photocopied material they want their students to read remains unloved, screwed into balls, ripped to pieces, and discarded.

Surprisingly, many teachers still believe that skewed and barely legible paper pages are preferable learning materials to blogs, wikis or other forms of digital content.

How much better it would be if teachers could teach course content via informative memes, viral videos or funny posts. Instead, we’re stuck with a dreary curriculum designed by government bureaucrats who are blind to the reality of teaching teens.

Unfortunately, I’d never be allowed to share this post with students. Why?  Because the word f**k appears. Frequently.

However, used with skill and in the right context f**k can be funny.

And parents are in denial if they think their sweet, high-school-age son or daughter escapes the swearing fiend stage we teachers see every day.

Here’s what I mean. It  happened in class this morning.

“Are you aware you just swore?” I said, after I pulled the offender aside.
“Did I?”
“Yes, rather loudly in fact.”
“Oh, I do it all the time,” she shrugged and dismissed my warning.

It’s difficult to point out unacceptable behaviour when a student is unaware they’ve offended.

F**k is ubiquitous in all forms of media and many teenagers no longer consider it a swear word.

I know my students would love this post. However, given that I can’t show them, at least I can share it with you.

Why no one should mess with the ocean

Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

1 thought on “Why I’d be banned from showing my students this post

  1. Thanks Sue. I learned more about the ocean in that post than anything my drab school curriculum ever tried to drown me in.

    And what the f#%$K was that octopus thing? With those weird teeth in the middle of its…middle?

    And that sea spider. The horror, the horror….

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