banana pancake

Banana pancakes with no added sugar, for one person

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banana pancake

You can vary the consistency of the mixture to make smaller, thicker pancakes or bigger thinner ones. I like the small puffy ones, with fresh fruit on the side – orange, berries or mango. Yum.

1 banana (or 2 if small)
1 egg
1 tbsp coconut flour
1 tsp cinnamon, or ginger
a sprinkle of chia seeds
3 chopped brazil nuts
or the pulp of a passionfruit
or 1 tbsp cocoa

Whizz with a blender stick and cook in coconut oil in a frying pan.

Author: Merridy Pugh
Merridy Pugh is an editor and writer based in Hobart. She loves books, sun and tropical fish.

1 thought on “Banana pancakes with no added sugar, for one person

  1. Delicious beyond measure. Can I have the recipe for my Mesolithic book please Merridy?

    Thanks for sharing.



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