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Have you ever been out and seen someone with incredible style? Have you ever found yourself wondering how people are able to put together great outfits? Perhaps it is time for you to develop your own personal style. One thing about fashion, every trend is not for everyone.

Step 1: Determine your body type.

In order to develop your personal style you must first determine what your body type is. A huge part of fashion is dressing appropriately for your body type. There are five body types: hour glass, inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle and oval. The characteristics of each are as follows:

Hour glass
Small defined waist line
Shapely bust
Shapely hips (in proportion to shoulders)

Inverted Triangle
Shapely bust
Slightly thick but yet defined waist line
Narrow hips

Small bust
Small defined waistline
Shapely hips and buttocks

Bust and hips are close in measurement
No waistline
Shapeless buttocks and hips

Thick midsection
Hips and upper thighs are wide

You would first determine which body type accurately describes your physique. Once you have identified your body type, it is easier to identify your problem areas.

Step 2: Learning what works for you.

Once you have determined which body type you have you can choose pieces that work better for you. If your waistline is not defined, you would want to stray away from anything that draws attention to your waistline. For instance, lately cinch belts or skinny belts are quite a fashion trend. Trend or not, the belts are not flattering for all body types. Let’s look at some general problem areas and discuss ways to flatter other areas.

Small Waistline
Small waistlines look great in corsets, shirts tucked in and low V waistlines.

No waistline
Both empire waists and corsets are great for this type of figure. The corset will give the illusion of a waistline.

Thicker, heavier bottom half
You want to stay away from flared skirts. For example, anything with a petticoat is not good for a bottom heavy figure. A line skirts are a better option for a bottom heavy figure.

Full Bust/ Top heavy
If you have a full bust, you may want to stay away from styles that lack support up top such as strapless pieces. Tank tops, halter tops, scoop neckline and v neck line shirts are all great for this figure.

Step 3: Learning to Accessorize

The perfect handbag and shoes can take a dress from good to great. You can transform a sheath dress from 9-5 to after 5 by adding the right bangles and earrings. You can add allot of flair to your attire by just accessorizing. My closet is full of boring pieces. However, I put some of those boring pieces today and add an accessory or two and have a killer combo on my hand.

With accessories, dare to be different. Don’t be afraid to try a variety colors and textures when accessorizing. Finally, do not be afraid of new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

TJ Jackson is a personal fashion consultant and professional model. For more information on her fashion ideas and view some of her work, visit her at

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Author: Sue Bell
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