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Conscious agents versus spacetime theory

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I don’t pretend to understand much, if anything, of Dr Donald Hoffman’s theory of conscious agents.

Dr Hoffman is a professor of cognitive science. He works alongside a team of mathematicians who contributed to the theory of conscious agents.

He says we currently base our science on spacetime theory. This theory was developed three hundred years ago and until recently was perfectly adequate. However, Dr Hoffman believes spacetime is now outdated.

Philosophers and spiritualists have for many years debated the idea of a conscious universe. Dr Hoffman concludes that they were onto something.

Team Hoffman believe a theory of conscious agents can potentially revolutionise our ideas on life, the unverse and everything. It will also help us develop new technologies to expore inner and outer space.

This theory is exciting even if I don’t understand it.

I hope that whatever new technologies emerge from cognitive agent theory that one of them will help make me smarter.

The case against reality |1:52:39 mins

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Author: Sue Bell
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