Derren Brown mentalism

Derren Brown: Where are all the female mentalists?

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Derren Brown mentalism
Derren Brown – real life mentalist

Midlife women, if the Sorceress or Daredevil archetype appeals, then mentalism may be your new career.

Mentalism is a type of magic that concentrates on mental effects; it includes hypnotism, clairvoyance, secret writing, remote viewing and telepathy. Mentalists are entertainers and make no claim to paranormal powers of any kind, although I do wonder about the mysterious Derren Brown.

Derren’s a British mentalist, magician and illusionist of extraordinary skill and his TV series The Derren Brown Experiments will challenge your views about the mind and its healing potential. His experiments are outrageous and compelling and result in unexpected (and moving) changes to people’s lives.

It’s ironic that a person who claims no special powers is able to transform lives. Or, more accurately, Derren’s mastery of hypnosis and illusion allows his subjects to transform themselves. Derren’s sleight-of-mind has people believing, among other things, that the world’s been overrun by zombies and that a nondescript dog statue will bring luck if patted.

The person most surprised at the outcome of these experiments is often Derren himself. There are many YouTube videos featuring him creating all kinds of mischief — treat yourself.

Derren Brown: where are all the female mentalists?

There is a dearth of female mentalists. If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to experiment with the mind, here are some resources:

Mind Magic & Mentalism for Dummies
Derren Brown’s official website
Zombie Apocalypse (Part One)

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