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Discover your archetype

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Consider the characteristics of each category.

If you answer yes to at least six questions for a particular type, then this is your archetype.

Sometimes, more than one type seeks attention. If this is the case,  focus on the type that has the most allure, no matter how subtle.

If you’re still undecided, take a look at them all and see what appeals to you most.

Type 1

  • I seek adventure.
  • I long for new sights, sounds and experiences.
  • I would love to meet new people.
  • I want to experience different cultures.
  • I long to catch planes, trains, buses — to anywhere.
  • I seek physical and mental challenges.
  • I’ve come to believe that life is about experiencing as much as possible.
  • I have a desire to rock climb, bungee jump, ride the rapids on a canoe, or skydive. This desire is new to me.
  • I’d rather go on a camel trek than a Sunday drive.
  • I could easily spend the next year on an African safari, followed by a Himalayan trek and then a hike through the Amazon jungle.

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Type 2

  • I want to start a creative pursuit such as painting, singing, craft, sculpting, acting, clothes design or playing a musical instrument. In fact, anything involving artistic expression.
  • I wish I could just practise my art and not have to think about much else.
  • Creative expression is now essential in my life.
  • I feel a sense of meaningful and productive accomplishment when I’m immersed in creative work.
  • I’ve become more sensitive to colours, textures and sounds.
  • I want an artistic outlet for this growing sensitivity.
  • I feel inspired to make a creative contribution to my own and others’ lives.
  • I enjoy being alone more than I once did because it gives me space for new ideas and insights to emerge.
  • I’d rather go to an art gallery than take a Sunday drive.
  • I’d rather paint a camel than ride it.

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Type 3

  • I feel drawn to the simple pleasures of life such as tending a garden, keeping chickens or becoming a beekeeper.
  • I feel a growing sense of wonder at the natural world.
  • I’ve developed an interest in sustainable living and land management.
  • I’m keen to learn gardening skills such as permaculture, biodynamic farming or traditional vegetable growing.
  • I’d love to start a community garden.
  • Terms such as eco-village, co-housing, and intentional community sound attractive to me.
  • I feel energised after spending time in my garden and out in nature.
  • I’d be interested in a new career such as horticulture, garden design or landscaping.
  • I’d rather work in my garden than ride a camel.
  • I don’t mind being called a greenie.

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Type 4

  • I’d like to return to study.
  • Gaining an academic qualification appeals to me.
  • I need plenty of time and space in which to think and reflect.
  • The thought of learning and acquiring knowledge excites me.
  • I’d like to become an expert in something.
  • I’d like to know the world in more detail.
  • Ideas, research and scholarship attract me.
  • I’d like to be engrossed in academic and philosophical pursuits.
  • I feel drawn to think more independently and to produce original ideas.
  • I’m keen to teach my knowledge to others.

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Type 5

  • I have a strong desire to lead in some way.
  • I have ideas I’d like others to hear about and act upon.
  • I feel a need for new challenges, particularly in a role where I’m  in charge.
  • I’m happy to take risks.
  • I dream of starting my own business.
  • I feel impelled to speak up and state my position and have others align around me.
  • I’m increasingly frustrated at having to work for someone else.
  • I’d love a more senior position.
  • I’m excited to have the buck stop with me.
  • I would be a good mentor.

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Type 6

  • I  feel a growing sense that I’m out of kilter with the dominant world view.
  • I feel a need to live more intuitively.
  • I’m aware of increasing synchronicity in my life and events seem to be connected in meaningful ways.
  • The language of tarot, shamanism, magic, astrology, or esoteric studies is creeping into my vocabulary, although I’m careful with whom I use it.
  • Materialistic pursuits — acquiring more money, possessions, credentials, praise — are becoming less and less important to me.
  • The material world seems less dense, not as “real.”
  • I often feel like an outsider, drawn to the mysterious, the intangible and the wondrous.
  • Nature has come alive for me suddenly. I often notice phases of the moon, the smell of the garden, the singing of birds.
  • I feel an increasing sense of gratitude.
  • I’ve begun to trust my feelings and to act upon them.
  • I seek knowledge via direct experience rather than through books, movies and others’ opinions.

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Type 7

  • Love isn’t hard to find. It’s everywhere.
  • I remember my first kiss.
  • Never give me a blender, toaster or vacuum cleaner as a present.
  • I like to encourage people to get in touch with what really matters to them.
  • I love teddy bears, puppies, kittens and cherubic baby archers.
  • I’d rather receive a bunch of roses than win the lottery.
  • I believe in love at first sight.
  • Given a choice, I prefer the lights low, the music soft and the candles lit.
  • Red is my favourite color.
  • I enjoy love poems.
  • I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t everyone?

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Author: Sue Bell
Sue Bell is an entertainment writer and author of Backpacked: A mostly true story, Beat Street and When Dreamworks came to Stanley.

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